10923247_405962459579864_2526051123360254700_nSouth Florida is a beautiful region by the sea that is meant to be enjoyed by its locals, and visitors. Often enough, guardians want a date night or just some time spent together, or maybe they have a few errands to run, but, along with that want, comes anxiety from worrying about who will sit with the child, or children. That is where KCC Sitter Source comes into play; we take that feeling away.

From the first thought of the child’s guardian considering to head out, they instinctively must ask the question, “Where can we find a good sitter?”. A good sitter has a genuine care about fostering a healthy, fun, and active environment for kids. A good sitter is reliable, experienced, trustworthy, patient, authoritative, adaptive, and caring. A good sitter is a KCC Sitter Source sitter.

Reasons to Choose

  • First Aid and CPR Certification

  • Child care references

  • FBI background check

  • Drug screening

  • Licensed through the American Red Cross Organization

  • Continuing Education Classes in accordance with DCF standards

  • Extensive training

  • Certified through accredited institutions in childcare and related programs

  • Certified assistants to children with special needs and disabilities on staff